Videos About Hearing Loss

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Here are a selection of videos about . Some are of Linnaea’s talks on the topic, some from other sources. All are informative and meaningful.

What the cochlear implant sounds like:

The garbled voice coming through a remote camera resembles what the cochlear sounded like in the early days of activation

web camera

TEDx talk:
Linnaea receives a standing ovation for her talk titled “Hearing Loss CPR – Keeping The Connection Alive” at TEDx Camarillo, January 2017

Santa has no lips:

Funny video of Linnaea with a friend who dresses as Santa Claus

Linnaea with a santa that has lips covered up.

The Cochlear is activated:
Linnaea’s reaction to her activated

Cochlear Device Set up

Front Row Please”

Linnaea Mallette’s humorous talk about the benefits of hearing loss.  7:30 minutes. This is closed captioned

youtube video image of Linnaea talking about benefits of hearing loss

“Hearing Loss Tips – For Those who Have it and Those Who Don’t”

This is the short talk on the topic- 12:16 minutes – closed captioned

Image of YouTube video of Linnaea Mallette Short talk on Hearing Loss Tips


“Hearing Loss Tips – For Those who Have it and Those Who Don’t”

Longer version  – 22:00 minutes – Captioning Coming

 YouTube video image of Linnaea Mallette's longer talk about tips for hearing loss

More than Meets the Eye – VIDEO COMING

Linnaea’s keynote presentation given to the students at California Lutheran University at the close of their week long disability awareness program. 48 minutes-


 Image of the California Lutheran University poster showing Linnaea as Disability Awareness Keynoter

 Other meaningful videos about Hearing Loss:

Flintstones Cartoon

The House Institute put this video together demonstrating what SPEECH sounds like to one with varying degrees of hearing loss. I’ve been with my husband over 25 years. He NEVER fully understood how I hear until he watched and listened to this video.  For me, ALL of it is inaudible except for Barnie moving the game piece and counting.  That is because the speech is accompanied by a VISUAL that matched it.  That is a part of the dynamics of  hearing.

TV Ears

One of the signs that you are losing your hearing is when family and friends complain you have your TV too loud. Here is a video of a delightful fellow Toastmaster, Barbara Massey, who shares her discover of her loss and how TV ears has been a HUGE benefit for her and her family.

TV ears


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