EARRLINGS Jewelry for Hearing Aids

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EARRLINGS are jewelry made especially to wear with hearing aids.

In my book about hearing aids, I talk about the pros and cons. One of the cons is that they aren’t that pretty. UNLESS you adorn them with EARRLINGS – jewelry for hearing aids.  I just love them. I wear regular earrings coupled with my EARRLINGS and get many, many compliments.  FINALLY, I am not embarrassed to have my hair pulled back and my ears and hearing aids showing.


Most EARRLINGS are available as regular earrings .  In fact, when visiting these stores, if you see earrings you’d like as EARRLINGS, let the creator, Circe Denyer, know.  She has three jewelry shops on Etsy:

  1. ECHOINGS: EARRLINGS and jewelry
  2. For 17 seconds – jewelry, especially jewelry of cats.




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