Closed Captioning on Netflix

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on  is about our journey to get the close-captioning feature on live streaming to work on our .

What devices does Netflix closed caption work with? We got an education when my husband was shopping for a Blu-Ray player with closed captioning that works with Netflix Live Streaming. 

Closed Captioning on Netflix


We discovered that Netflix had made a large number of the movies available with closed captioning. The closed captioning, however, is carried through the technology of the device that is delivering the movie from Netflix. The solution seemed simple enough until you realize that the Blu-Ray manufacturers do not explicitly mention closed captioning for live streaming, the method of delivery for Netflix movies. Anywhere. Not on the boxes. Not on specifications on the web. And for Panasonic at least, not on their detailed PDF booklet about the product.

Add to that the only people who know whether a device delivers closed captioning for live streaming DO NOT WORK at the stores that sell the players. My husband spent a valuable amount of his time reading online to find the brand and model that did send closed captioning to the TV for Netflix movies. Sounds like we are on the right track right? NOT! When we got to the store, those “oh-so-helpful ” clerks behind the counter did not assure him that it would work.  The discussions went on for 90 minutes. I settled into one of the overstuffed chairs in front of a demo tv and fell asleep.

In the end, it worked out because my husband took the plunge, knowing he might have to return the player and try again. The player does, in fact, deliver a quality closed caption for many movies on the Netflix Live Stream list and also plays 3D movies to boot. The model of the player Panasonic DMP-BDT220P – which appears to have been discontinued. Here is the newer model (as of July 2013.)  You’ll note on the image below that there  are HUGE price variations – so shop around. We learned that will match an internet price. But you must TELL them that. We saved about $10.00 on our unit because we TOLD them it was cheaper on the Internet. It is not information they volunteer.

Article: Closed Captioning on Netflix

Article Source: Hearing Loss Tips

Author: Linnaea Mallette


Closed Captioning on Netflix


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