Cartoons about Hearing Loss

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Cartoons about hearing loss take the frustrations and challenges and puts them in a humorous light.


The Secret Hearing Loss CartoonThe Secret

I’d be careful if I was related to the likes of this elderly gentleman!



So Who Has A Hearing Loss CartoonSo Who has a Hearing Loss:

This man believes his wife has a hearing loss…




dealing with voice mail when hearing impairedVoicemail:

Please don’t do this when you leave your phone number on a voicemail!




Hearing Loss Cartoon about Ordering DinnerSoup or Salad?

This waiter should have received training on how to communicate with someone not understanding his questions!



Hearing Impaired Nurse CartoonThe Hearing Impaired Nurse – He’s Dead!

This nurse needs stronger hearing aids!



Cartoon about a Hearing Impaired Nurse with sick patientHearing Impaired Nurse – I Am Sick

Having a nurse who doesn’t hear well COULD be a problem.




Hearing Loss Cartoon - New Hearing AidsNew Hearing Aids:

This happens all the time to us who are hearing impaired.





Cartoon about hearing impaired grandpa drivingHearing Impaired Grandpa Drives  

Scary ride home from the airport!



Cartoon about a hearing impaired elderly patientThe Hearing Impaired Elderly Patient

Not hearing your doctor’s orders right could be hazardous to your health!



Hearing Loss Cartoon about Dad LIsteningDad Listening

Some things never change!




Cartoon about hearing impaired chorus girlHearing Loss Chorus Girl

Thank goodness there are others singing with her!



Hearing Loss Cartoon about mishearing an addressThe Address

Not hearing an address correctly can lead to getting lost.




Hearing Loss Cartoon about playing PictionaryPictionary

 Some games are better not played if you have a hearing loss.

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