CPR for Communicating With a Hearing Impaired Person

CPR for communicating with a person who is hearing impaired provides a simple technique to make connection easier. Shouting does not help with talking with someone with a hearing loss.  Especially if you shout right into their ear, and they do not … Continue reading

My Cochlear Implant Journey – The Balance Test

Balance Test

The third appointment towards a cochlear implant was by far the most comprehensive, interesting and held a surprise. So much transpired the visit is divided into three posts.  This post is about the visit with the audiologist and the balance test. Testing for … Continue reading

3 Ways Hearing Loss Can Make Public Transportation More Comfortable

Here are 3 ways your hearing loss can make taking public transportation more comfortable. No need to purchase noise cancelling headphones! You’ve got those built right in your ears. Take advantage… 1) Manage traffic noise There are so many benefits of … Continue reading

Benefits of Hearing Loss – Squawking Cockatiel

Squwaking Cocateil

There are clear benefits to having a hearing loss – one of which is ability to not hear annoying environmental sounds.  Like a squawking Cockatiel. Meet Spike Spike is one of the several critters my friend babysits when the owners are on … Continue reading

Give the Gift of Connection to Those Who Cannot Hear

The holidays are a time to enjoy family and friends. It is hard to enjoy family and friends when you cannot hear well.  Helen Keller says it all when she said: Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.   … Continue reading

  • Hearing Loss Tips For Those Who Have It and Those Who Don’t

    Hearing Loss Tips For Those Who Have It and  Those Who Don't

    Hearing Loss Tips for those who have it and those who don't. Informative. Illustrated. Illuminating. Available in print and in Kindle. Print is black and white. Kindle is full color.

    To obtain a color version of the book in print, visit the book page. It is available via the CreateSpace store.

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