CPR for Communicating With a Person Who is Hearing Impaired

CPR for communicating with a person who is hearing impaired provides a simple technique to make connection easier.     Shouting does not help with talking with someone with a hearing loss.  Especially if you are shouting right into their ear … Continue reading

Body Language and Facial Expressions Help the Hearing Impaired to Hear

Body language and facial expressions help the hearing impaired to hear because of the messages conveyed beyond words Words play a small part in overall understanding of conversation As a professional speaker, I know how important it is to make sure … Continue reading

Give the Gift of Communication and Connection for Mothers Day

If you’ve lost that special connection with your mom (or grandmother) because she no longer hears well, give the gift of communication and connection for Mother’s Day.   I recently was invited to participate in the Dr. Polucki Family Health … Continue reading